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Degree in Biological Systems Engineering

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The objective of the Biological Systems Engineering degree is to gain a professional qualification in the field of engineering and biology; to be capable of designing and managing systems that use biological materials and organisms to improve the quality of life. This includes:

  • Production systems and processing biological material to convert it into consumer products
  • Biological systems aimed at preserving natural resources and the environment

This course has been accredited by the Ministry of Education. >> See accredition.


The specific competencies involved in the course include:

  • The acquisition of basic knowledge of natural sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics and graphic representation, and their applications in engineering.
  • The acquisition of the knowledge base and techniques of crop and livestock production.
  • Design and management of environmental bioprocesses aimed at bioremediation, water treatment, production of aquatic organisms, industrial bioproducts and in vitro plant tissue.
  • The application of technological fundamentals of engineering design, and management of facilities and equipment for the production and processing of biological material.
  • The ability to analyse and evaluate the environmental impact of processes and manage the waste they generate.

Post-qualification employment opportunities

The areas in which a Biological Systems engineer can develop their professional career as a manager or consultant in companies and institutions include:

  • Production of biofuels and industrial bioproducts production.
  • Biological waste recovery and treatment.
  • Environmental bioremediation.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Bioinstruments.
  • Design and operation of bioreactors.
  • Design and management of facilities for production, storage and processing of plant material.
  • Design and management of aquaculture facilities.
  • Plant tissue culture.

Curriculum contents

Autumn Spring
First year
General biology (6)
Drawing for Engineering (6)
Physics I (6)
Mathematics I (6)
Chemistry I (6)

Plant Biology (6)
Earth sciences (6)
Physics II (6)
Mathematics II (6)
Chemistry II (6)
Second year
Ecology and environmental management
systems (6)
Economics and management (6)
Statistics (6)
Hydraulics (6)
Energy systems and components (6)

Biochemistry (6)
Microbiology and microbial metabolism (6)
Heat transfer in biological systems (6)
Geomatics (6)
Electronic circuits and systems (6)
Third year
Production of biomass for non-food uses (6)
Molecular biology and biotechnology tools (6)
Mass transfer in biological systems (6)
Programming and problem solving in engineering (6)
Environmental bioremediation (6)

Biotechnology applied to production (6)
Bioinstrumentation and control (6)
Bioreactors (6)
Modelling and simulation of biological systems (6)
Production of aquatic organisms (6)
Fourth year
Waste water treatment (6)
Work placement (12)
Elective subjects (24)

Design of biosystems installations (6)
Biological treatment of waste (6)
Final project or work (18)

(ECTS credits in brackets)

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